Alphabetical CHK Staff Listing Department  Email Address
Baker, Gregory Special Education 
Bihuniak, Danielle Science
Cahill, Kelly  Special Education 
Caldiero, Anthony Admin/Super WL/ Arts 
Calo, Andrew  Mathematics
Casale Broski, Christine  Admin/Supervisor
Casares, Brittany  Physical Education
Cesare, Lauren Special Education
Chretien, Matt Social Studies 
Clarke, Amanda Admin/Assistant Principal
Cohen, Sarah Guidance
Corby, Barbara Social Studies
Crincoli, Danielle  Guidance
Czulowski, Nicole Language Arts
Delmonaco, Rick  Admin/Principal
Duffy, Cheryl Secretary
Fabrizzio, Cheryl Language Arts
Faust, Joseph  Music
Fernades, Lauren Mathematics
Figueroa, Daniel  Mathematics
Greenspan, Michele Language Arts
Groome, Lyndsay  Mathematics
Hamilton, Suzanne Language Arts
Hartzler, David Physical Education
Holcomb, Laura Special Education
Hoos, Rick Physical Education
Hopkins, Steve Special Education
Jones, Kathryn Special Education
Kaelblein, Steven Guidance (SAC)
Kalikas, Gus Admin/PE/Athletic Director
Koebli, Judith  CST/Speech
Kowalski, Lori  School Nurse
Lamberti, Annemarie  Science
MacAvoy, Diane Secretary
Mahoney, Ann  Language Arts
Marano, Catherine  World Language
McGeehan, Michelle Mathematics
Miller, Olivia Admin/Supervisor ELA/SS
Motyka, Noelle Mathematics
Mulligan, Cristina Mathematics
O'Loughlin, Elizabeth Mathematics
O'Neill, Elisa Social Studies
Peitz, Erin  CST/LDTC
Peitz, Thomas  Art
Pellicciotta, Christa  World Language
Penrose, Katherine Mathematics
Perez, Robert Special Education
Pollack, Flora  Music
Reagan, Nicole  Academic Enrichment (AEI)
Ricciuti, Thomas Social Studies
Rodriguez, Joe Science
Romao Carrano, Cristina Special Ed.
Sanzone, Amanda Special Ed.
Sasso, Victoria Language Arts
Serwedes, Matt  Multi-Media
Sheats, Claire CST/School Psychologist
Smith, Dominique  Special Education
Sortino, Joseph Guidance
Swart, Jeanette Language Arts
Troiano, Christine Mathematics
Valdez, Jaclyn  Special Ed.
Varshney, Neetu  Admin/Super Math/Science
Veiksans, Mary Jean  Science
Yetsko, Kelli  Language Arts
Zlotnick, Andrew Special Ed.


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